First post!

Hello there!

I plan on using this blog to post about all my various adventures and exploits (even the banal and uneventful among them) but first, I suppose I should give a little background on myself.

I live in Wellington, capital city of New Zealand and the wind capital of the world (or so it seems some days). I've lived here about as long as I can imagine and I love it.


Living in the capital city, it's only natural that I work in politics. I'm assistant to a Green Party MP, which basically means I do a lot of organising, making phone calls, weaselling information out of the government and generally trying to make his life as easy as possible. On top of this, I get to take photos for a party who I really believe in and work with some pretty spectacular people.

In my spare time I'm a keen tramper and motorcyclist. Living in New Zealand there is no shortage of stunning nature to explore and I am really lucky to have my wonderful partner, Abby, who is just as excited to experience it all as I am. Below is a photo of us doing the Heaphy track, which sadly I wasn't able to finish as I stuffed my knee up (thought Abby persevered and finished, while I took a leisurely helicopter ride). I'll likely post up a blog post about this particular adventure in the not so distant future, so stay tuned!

I ride an old BMW R100GS adventure bike, which is great fun as it can pretty much go anywhere I could want to go and carry everything but the kitchen sink. It's delightfully rugged and easy to fix anything that might go wrong with it.


Aside from all that more exciting stuff, I'm also a huge nerd with a particular interest in anything Sci-fi, but I'm not sure you'll see anything about that up on this blog (or maybe I should write stuff about it!).

Anyway! That's me! Hurray first blog post!